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Which company offers the best affiliate program?

I'll start the ball rolling :)

Amazon's affiliate program is one of the oldest and is probably the best. You can find a wide variety of scripts and plugins for your website to help make the most from the program and maximise your earnings.
Hmmm... I thought there were quite a few, but now I see that they are mainly UK affiliates, probably why they are not working that well for me :)

I've got one Irish one though: World Vision Ireland - Pays 25 pounds per signup only started with them this week though, so I don't know how well it will work.

Oh yeah, Tradedoubler have quite a few others as well:

Tesco Ireland - 4 euro per signup + 3%
Alpha Telecom - 10 euro per signup - 5 euro per sale
GeLotto - 6 euro per account + 8% for 30 days
InkClub - 4 euro per referral sale
ASOS Ireland - 10% comission
Land's end Direct Merchants - 4% comission
Viking Direct - 5% comission
blacknight said:
But do you actually earn anything from them?
Nothing to write home about, from what I was doing (some low traffic sites to test them) However, I'm building a poker site at the moment and it's handy for gambling ads and other sites Google don't approve of.


From what I can tell your products are Canadian based. What about Ireland or shipping to here, laws, tax etc? Although I highly doubt many people in Ireland would purchase their prescription drugs online.

Also what about payments to webmasters in Ireland, how do you work that?
I would say commission junction and clickbank are the best affiliate networks.
Clickbank? I'd say you are wrong. The product quality on CB is what McDonalds is to fine dining.

The internal support for BOTH affiliates AND merchants is non existant. I'd give CB another 2 years.

CJ is so saturated right now and the restrictions that are now being placed on affiliates is beyond a joke.
signed up for CJ so will give it a go in rotation with AdSense for a while.

Anyone used doubleclick and what were your experiences - had a quick look at their website - hadn't time to go through the various options..
I used Commission Junction for one month last year and made $200 using ebay feeds for a new WP site. I haven't used them lately, but if I ever find a decent affiliate in the fold I'll try again. I'd guess the better paying ones would like to see some serious traffic stats. But, I really don't understand that. Well, maybe I do in a way, but targeted traffic is targeted traffic. Maybe the advertisers just don't think it's worth the bother I guess.
Affiliatewindow are what drive most CPA revenue for me at the moment, but granted i'm more focussed on retail rather than other verticals like finance etc.

When it comes to Ireland, we don't really have much action going on in terms of Irish programmes etc. That seems to be changing for the better now with Tradedoubler now having an office in Dublin and the rumour mill in full swing about other networks setting up here too.

In terms of a great, well managed programme though, is excellent. I don't use them, but from feedback on Affiliates4u and general word of mouth they seem to have an excellently managed programme, and throw everything behind helping the affiliate, including Wordpress plugins to fully integrate holiday searches on wordpress based sites, plenty of incentives for affiliates, and you're only a phone call away from the head of the company too.
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