Tracking Conversions

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My website uses PayPal buy now buttons, so when the customer clicks the button they are directed to
Following purchase they are redirected back to the Success page on my website.

Here they are asked to select from a dropdown list to provide info on where they heard about us.

I am finding that not everybody completes this form and the fact is that not everybody arrives back to my site following a purchase.
When I tested myself, on completion of purchase a message appears along the lines of "you are now being redirected back to DryPro Ireland - waterproof cast, bandage and PICC line covers, if you are not redirected within 10 seconds please hit the refresh button"
So I figure a large percentage just click away, safe in the knowledge that purchase is complete and they have no need to return to my site.

This causes me 2 problems...
1. I don't collect the vital info from the form
2, My analytics is setup based on a visit to the success page = a conversion, which is obviously not working

Any ideas how to accomplish both of the above requirements while using Buy Now buttons?
Not open for further replies.
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