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Hi All ,
Could somebody let me know what they think of this website stats
It is an ecommerce shop in ireland

MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Jan 20111362492,61811,040107.23 MB
Feb 201125040412,37236,058551.12 MB
Mar 201131545412,31124,693591.63 MB
Apr 20114015382,27515,995267.97 MB
May 20114475896,40920,991449.01 MB
Jun 20114686812,36014,579239.28 MB
Jul 20115708102,99119,381316.15 MB



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What are we meant to be looking at?
Without some real context the only things I can say are:
- traffic is very low - the bandwidth usage is tiny

But if it's ecommerce those figures aren't nearly as important as the ones related to sales ..


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Thanks for replying Blacknight.
Please note I am new to this
I am just trying to increase my sales in my website.
With most of my keywords I am listed on Page 1 / 2 of google.
Price's are great but sales are low.
Around 1-2 a day
Any help would be greatful


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Um ok ..

First off .. is the site selling online?
Are you spending money on Google Adwords (or other online advertising)?

What kind of conversion rate do you have?
Which keywords are driving traffic?
What are you using for tracking all this?

Have you identified your competitors?


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If you are getting 1 - 2 sales per day from traffic of 500 per month then your conversion rate should be okay. You need to focus on the traffic building side of things As Blacknight mentioned Google Adwords could be worth looking at. It is very transparent and if you know your key metrics - conversion rate, earnings per booking etc you should be able to put together a target campaign that would drive bookings and traffic. But it is very easy to go wrong here too so I would seek more information from an expert if possible.
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