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Hello all

Hello Everyone, I'mDee I'm hear to learn and share. Also on my list of things to is to find a cutegeek girl to nerd out with. I look forward to exploring ideas as well astesting theories and pushing limits. I relish making new friends and havingfun. What I love most is money, so if you have ideas pointing in that directionby all means include me. I used to date the most beautiful hacker on the planethowever, she was very jealous and we parted. Dam New York girls you got to lovethem lol. For the record I love cute geek girls no matter how many computers Ilose lmao. Well anyway I love the look and feel of our site and hope to addvalue in the coming future. Thank you guys for having me... Cheers...:love-struck:


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hi everyone

i've been lurking here for a couple of years, and signed up before xmas. i've just launched a new website, and was reading through the forums for hints, tips etc.

i'll be putting a link into the site review threads, but here is one anyway! OfftheCuff, it's selling cufflinks, tiebars, etc.

and thanks to all the posters here, some of you have been a great help over the last while!!!!


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Hi all. I'm Katrina, an 'bit of everything kinda person, my job is def one I love because i get to play on the internet alot, far from an expert but sometimes I surprise myself, my life...the same as my job really, I like to play on the internet alot....


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Hello from

Hi, my name is Tony Gormley - new to this board. I'm a director at . We're a new company trying to break in to the rental accommodation sector. We launched 12 months ago and I'm hoping to pick up some useful tips and advice from this forum.
Hi guys,

Im Tommy !
Im working as an Affiliate Marketing Manager for
Im looking forward to meet/speak/make business with webmasters, affiliates.. and why not, to make new connections. Who knows what future will bring us :p
We are currently looking for adult mobile traffic, especially german and swiss one!
Dont hesitate to contact me for any question.

Best regards,


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Hi, I'm Scott

I have just recently decided to start internet marketing and have come to improve my abilities. Hopefully I can learn new ways to improve my "visibility" on the internet. Any tips are welcome...Spzkaz :single_eye:

Paul Masterson

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Howde! I've been running my own website now since 2009. has grown from a blog to a multi-author website specializing in Bonsai and Japanese Gardening. I guess I joined the forum to help bring my site to the next level, whatever that is! and also to share my knowledge of wordpress and content marketing...


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Hi, I am new member to the forum, I work in print at the moment my next challenge is to run the website, looking forward to being a part of the community


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I'm starting up a new online business and I'm here for some quality info on services available. There seems to be huge variation in pricing and levels of service, so I'm hoping for some high-grade input for my decisions.


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Hi All

Ive joined this site as I want to do a Diploma in Web Design and go from there so I may have Questions so be nice :adoration:


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