What addons for FF, Chrome, etc browsers are you use?

Discussion in 'Webmaster Articles' started by White_wd, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. White_wd

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    I'm not sure if I open this thread in best place. If no, please move on right place.

    I'm just curios what SEO, webmaster, etc addons are you use for Firefox, Chrome and other browsers. Please present just addons relevancy for webmasters.

  2. Firefly Web

    Firefly Web New Member

    Firebug for Firefox is an excellent add-on. The web developer toolbar for FF is very good, there's some good SEO toolbars, SEOBook and SEOMoz offer them for free I think, but there's loads more out there. Also, Redfly Marketing from Ireland have a good add-on called Google Global which allows you to view local results.
  3. White_wd

    White_wd New Member

  4. breik

    breik Guest

    For my Firefox I install SEO Quake, Alexa toolbar and addblock.
    SEO Quake is really useful plugin, I recommend.

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