What are you using for keyword analysis?

My 2c : AdWords suggestion too can be quite skewed. I blogged recently about "Fine Fail" - the Makey-uppy party that Google AdWords suggested receives more searches than any other - yet the phrase couldn't possibly. There are quite a lot of sites like compete.com and wordtracker that need to form part of a holistic approach.
AdWords suggestion too can be quite skewed.
Big +1. Having said that, still a vital tool to be used.

As link8r mentioned, it's about taking an holistic approach and utilising as much of the data you have available as possible. Along with the various tools, don't forget the simple (but very important) steps of listening to how customers talk about the product/service, watching/analyzing what they say in mails, using your analytics to monitor on-site search, etc. etc.

Not quite 'analysis', but something that you'll be considering as part of your kw research is the related terms. There are various ways to help identify what terms the search engines deem as semantically related, for example using the "~keyword" search query on google (and observing the bolded results) or using the wonder wheel.
As Satanta says first and foremost make sure you know what your customers / potential customers use. Do not assume that you know! THEN use Googles Keyword tool.
I tend to use Google Keyword Tool as its easy to find haha but theres many out there and they all show slightly different results so it can be interesting to used a few to find a safe bet of a good keyword, its the old don't put all your eggs in one basket scenario ;)
My 2c : AdWords suggestion too can be quite skewed.
I concur, I recently did some research for a client and lets just say the term was SEO Expert, the plural (SEO Expert'S') showed zero local searches, versus several hundred for the singular version 'Expert'. Sorry Google - I just don't buy those results.
The Online presence is essential for marketing your business or products, and monitoring your keyword ranking will help you detect search trends to recognize what you target market demands. Keyword always used according to business that helps you improve your chance of reaching targeted marketing online and improve products sells. We always used to keyword tracker on Google Keyword Planner or SEO Profiler.
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