What is involved in updating a Magento site

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Hi Guys,
We have been asked to re design a Magento site. As far as I can see the client uses Magento for both the ecommerce and CMS.

Before to quote them I would like to figure out what is involved, is it an HTML with tags to be added on areas coming from the CMS or is the CMS in Magento itself??

Anyone with experience on this?

many thanks
Magneto can be quite involved - I dont think you should do this as a fixed price quote unless you can be sure of the hours involved. It depends how much its been customised - it could be worth dumping for a fresh install if the existing one is shoddy. It also depends on your own learning lead time. You should review it and probably try to setup your magento clone (of the target site) first as a worthwhile experiment! It could be one worth sub-contracting
Also I'd check what version of Magneto it is, as I'm sure template things have changed. So if you upgrade, you may have to do them all again too !
Thanks Guys,
just does not sound like a great idea on a fixed quote.

Is it possible to start from scratch with the latest version and import the data from the current shop?