What's the deal with Askimet??

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Does anyone know how Askimet marks comments as spam? Is it database driven or heuristics?

When I make comments on my own blog, even when logged in, my comments always get marked as spam.

Michele, over on your blog my comments get marked as spam also.


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Is using a database they have to compare your submission you make and based on that will tag it as spam if it matches any criteria they have.

FAQ « Akismet


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I presume it uses some form of hash based comparison....

Were you doing some dodgy blackhat seo recently? :D


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Well this is a little freaky TBH.

I sent an email to Askimet and within 45 seconds received a reply from a fellow called Matt Mullenweg simply saying try now.

All I gave them was my email address and the name I use.

I have to assume that it was the email address.

What's scary about that? Well it would be very easy to get someone blacklisted if you know their email address.

And no, I haven't been spamming anyone's blogs.

Oh yeah, I'm pure white-hat (under this identity anyway :D)
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