Where can we get stock images/photos for use in client projects

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I was going to post earlier regarding "where one can get stock images/photos" for inclusion on website templates which will be sold. I see a lot of people tend to use specifically iStockPhoto, but I have a few concerns. I want to do things right, and don't want to infringe copyright or create any scope for illegal action.

What caught my eye in the bottom of this page: How to Buy Stock Photos And Images | iStockphoto.com
is: "Your license is for one computer / one user"

Then in this page: iStockphoto License Agreement | iStockphoto.com
is: "For example, you cannot superficially modify the Content, print it on a t-shirt, mug, poster, template or other item, and sell it to others for consumption, reproduction or re-sale."

Now further down the 2nd page it says, that you can use the images on "web pages to a maximum of 800 x 600 pixels".

So does this ultimately mean, I can purchase an image from iStockPhoto, and use it on any website that I'm not selling. Such as my own website, etc. But not on a website I develop for a client.

If that is the case, then where can we purchase stock images/photos that we can legally use on a client's website?


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That's a good question. To be honest I never read the 'full' license, just the parts I thought I needed :eek: (i.e. "on–line or electronic publications, including web pages to a maximum of 800 x 600 pixels"). I have no idea as to why they would place a maximum on the screen resolution.

In your particular situation, eg: selling templates, I would be quite sure that you are not permitted to use iStock images in templates you are selling on your website...

You May not... "use the Content in design template applications intended for resale, whether on-line or not, including, without limitation, website templates, Flash templates, business card templates, electronic greeting card templates, and brochure design templates;..."

It's interesting to note also that you may not "install and use the Content in more than one location at a time". I take it this means that if I download a photo for use on a company's website and then decide to use it in their printed brochure then I need to purchase the image again?


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iStock have a number of licenses for usage. If you want to use an image for a site (not a template) the normal license is fine.


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Thank you very much for your comments. I'm glad to see we're all pretty much on the same page with regards our concerns and present understanding.

So just to clarify...for example I personally need images for a particular client website. Not necessarily for inclusion in a template which I will serve to multiple clients (re-using again and again). So the image I purchase would be on a single website, not many. If I wanted it on more than 1, then I would purchase it more than once. In that case is the standard iStockPhoto license ok? (from what you said blacknight, it believe it is, but if you could just confirm I would appreciate it). Also for example I may want to crop or resize an image, or is this generally not permitted.

Or must we engage in a process of
1) brainstorm appropriate search terms for image
2) locate appropriate candidate image
3) review individual license for image
4) if license is not appropriate (return to step 2, otherwise purchase)

What do you think?


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i like this free one a bit - stock.xchng - the leading free stock photography site

havent read the fine print but on the front page it says

Browse through the categories of our huge gallery containing over 350.000 quality stock photos by more than 30.000 photographers! Need a wallpaper for your desktop or illustration for your blog? Need a pic for your commercial website design? Looking for inspiration? Have a look around.

i thought the photots were generally pretty good for the most part - i know you could prob get better with a pay for site

is it my imagination or used there be a serious photography site around called corbian or something like that ?? couldnt find it on google though


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Since you mentioned iStockphoto, it's good to know that the Content License Agreement [www.istockphoto.com/license.php] will allow you to use images for illustrative purposes on websites up to 800x600 pixels in size (that's the max image size, not the website resolution, so the page could be optimized for 1024x768 lets say). The standard license will allow you to create one-off, original designs that you can provide to your clients to use 'as-is' (within the design only) - the client has no rights to remove any images from the design to use for other purposes. If they want to, they can go to iStockphoto and buy a license themselves and they carry out any extra projects permitted under the license..

The one user / one computer means that only you hold the license, and can only create the projects that you are allowed to (using the image) from one workstation. You are not able to gift or assign the license rights to anyone.

To be able to include any licensed images in a template for resale, you will need to purchase what is called an 'Extended License'; These are options available to amend the license in a certain way [www.istockphoto.com/extended_license_provisions.php]. Once you've purchased an Extended License you can resell an unlimited amount of web templates using the image you've licensed. When they say template, they mean a pre-fabricated design that's sold more than once.

Additionally, the licenses are perpetual, and don't expire.

I hope that helped clarify some matters for you!
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