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Which kinds of products / service / content would you NOT advertise on your site in order to help monetise it?


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Chubby Gay Sex :D

They've been appearing on i accept cookies quite a bit for a while (not too sure why)

Pron being the other obvious one. I'd like to steer clear of dating adverts as well.

I've only got the one advert on there for testing purposes. and well its interesting enough for me.

Not too sure if there are any other adverts I'd steer clear of.

Probably any sensitive issues though I'd hope my common sense would dictate what those are as opposed to the general consensus of what it is.

Anyways its late ... sheep


I would not post ads for products that are patently more expensive than other sites. I do put ads on for ones that are close enough but if they are out of the ball park then I skip them.....

For instance ads can be cheap or expensive depending on the currency situation.

All the best

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I suppose the idea of you wouldn't advertise something you wouldn't want your children seeing on a site they would be viewing, or products you wouldn't want your wife to buy. I know, cliché, old fashioned, but it works.

For instance, providing the tone of my website was suitable, yes I would allow my girlfriend to "push the big red button", on the flip side, pron would wind me up a bit.

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As an aside, I wouldn't run any ad in pop-under or pop-over, and would steer very clear of advertisers who offer such. Pops, and the merchants in them, just give such a negative buzz to viewers.


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Popups - hate them.
pórn - obvious one

and most of all:

'CLICK HERE TO TAKE OUR NEW SURVEY' - they have large 'Yes!' buttons and tiny 'x' buttons. If I want people to take my survey, i won't crash their screen with it... and i won't intrude their screens or my website with that junk.

Audio Ads also. "Hi, My name is **** ***, and I'm here to talk about...."


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Porn sites - both gay & usual hetrosexual ones, BDSM sites. But I think toys may be ok. I'm pretty straight, can you tell? :D

Also meds, they may make money but just a thought of being associated with email spammers.


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As everyone already mentioned porn sites, also hate sites and competitive sites. It is a good idea not to advertise any websites that are likely to offend your visitors.


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Very vague question michele as it really depends on the type of site and type of visitor.

Where porn or dating may not be appropriate on one site, they may be appropriate on another sites.

So my answer is I'll consider anything :)


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It depends on the topic of the website and what the customer would be interested in.

Morally of course there's a line and it generally falls in line with the law.


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This question is quite broad, but I understand that Google will list your site better if it is not full of adsense adverts when you first publish the site as they think its an MFA.

Correct me if I , am wrong.
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