Which Browser do you use?

Which browser do you use?

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Firefox of course.

I didn't know there were any others.......
Just being a smartass :eek:

Main browser for all browsing and general work - Firefox 2

For testing - IE 6, IE 7, Opera 9 and Netscape 8.1

I'll never switch from Firefox while it has all those neat little Add-Ons.


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Firefox 2.0
Opera 9.0

in that order. I think Opera is a better browser 'out of the box' over Firefox but nothing can touch the 'extensionability' of Firefox.
It's a pain. I much prefer 7 of the two, but 6 is still the majority browser, and will be for some time so I can't dump it.

I have 6 on the laptop and 7 on the main machine.

I have seen tweaks where it is possible to install both on the same machine, but apparently there are issues with dll conflicts.
In work firefox 2.0
for checking site layouts IE 7, 5.5 and 5

At home firefox
Opera 9 and IE 6 for checking site layouts

Does anyone still check if their sites are compatible with IE 5 and 5.5?
I use Firefox 2. Although I do find it a bit slow.

I like Opera and hate it at the same time. It's rendering of form elements drives me up the wall.
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