Which browser extensions for seo?

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I've got the seobook toolbar and also their rank checker add on for firefox.


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Which browser extensions (if any) are people using to check sites?
I seem to remember you being a fan of SEOmoz from other posts, so you'd probably value their Mozbar (currently more extensive data available via the firefox version, but they're releasing [or have released? I'm not sure] an updated Chrome version to match the functionality).

Is there anything specific you're looking for? Between the seobook and seomoz offerings you have most the basics available at a glance, throw in a developer toolbar and something like firebug and you're probably set for most of your needs.


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The SEOMoz bar wasn't compatible with the most recent version of FF last time I checked, which is why I stopped using it ..

If nothing else I also wanted to see what other people were using and why :)
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