Which CMS do you use?

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I have one client that spent over 30k last year developing a Joomla site (not all with me unfortuanatly). The aim was to have around 10 departments controlling their own content. The end result is that not a single person ever got to grips with (or maybe had the interest to learn) the rather complex administrator system.

Since I came onboard 6 months ago I have removed several key areas from joomla and replaced them with bespoke simple 'form post' admin systems, which have been used with virtualy no support ever since. I plan to roll out the same solutions to other key site areas in due coarse.

To this day the client is still reliant on the contractor (me) for simple tasks and joomla management. There is also undoubtably a problem with joomla upgrades and compatability.

I think the client would accept that joomla was definatly the wrong path too go down, although they could never admit this for political reasons.

Having spent 6 months on the contract there is no way I would ever use Joomla for one of my own clients. I could probaly write a book on 500 reasons not to use Joomla.... i accept that others disagree, and in fact see a couple of developers out there that are obviously creaming it, rolling out joomla sites at an impressive rate.


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Sounds like your 500 reasons not to use Joomla would all be "because you can't just install it, you have to invest in client training as well"...


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There's a SEO tab under the Global Configuration, which allows for more SEO friendly URLs. Have you tried that?

I have, but the site in question hasn't yet been indexed by Google since I switched it to Mambo, so I can't say if it works or not :mad:

- Andrew
Actually, I know precisely how to get your Mambo site referenced in Google: switch to Wordpress! I just did exactly that for exactly that reason. After three years of 6 Google visits per month, it finally dawned on me that I had a problem. My hoster of the time couldn't help with SE-friendly URLs, so I changed hosting, stripped all the interesting content and then inserted it in a new wordpress site. Tiresome, believe me.

About ten days later, after requesting a re-inclusion, Google has started slowly indexing pages. The fact that I've lost all the indexing in Yahoo, MSN etc is the price I pay. At a certain stage you have to bite the bullet. Sitemaps will help, hopefully.


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Joomla & Mambo were way too bloated for my needs. Didn't like the SEO aspects like writie mentions, but that may be due to user error.

I've created a custom pseudo CMS which worked out quite well.

Right now I'm in evaluation stage for a new project and I think I'll investigate my old pal Wordpress again, if I can use that I'll be delighted.
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