Which social medias are better for business?

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Hello Dear All,
Recently I start a little business in the field of online store and I need to introduce my business to virtual networks and bring traffic to the site.
For this reason, I want to know which one of the social networking sites on the Internet has a greater impact on site traffic and branding?
What kind of content is better for the online store? And get more subscriptions?

I would appreciate if you guided me in this case.
Among all social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest are the best for business. Mainly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will help you to get more traffic. You have to post relevant image, video and content regularly on those sites. To get more traffic, you must do this task very effectively. :)
These are the best platform for marketing, but saying about business can not be say its perfect. Every sites have its own Alexa and popularity of use. So can be say social media can bring lead for business indirectly sometimes directly.