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Hi guys,

uSwitch247.com ... it's soooo much better off in your pocket is only live a few days so any feedback is most welcome.

Basically it is a free, find, compare and switch service in the areas of everyday utilities such as electricity, television, broadband, home phone etc along with insurances such as health, car and travel and also a personal finance and mortgage centre complete with unique wizards designed to make your life easier when it comes to home finance.

We've also thrown in some freebies such as ISP test, international dialcodes and international call calculators etc as well as VoIP for beginners etc

Please take a look around the site, try out the wizards and let me know what you think before we go live with the business sister site www.uSwitch365.com.

www.uSwitchGroup.com is the daddy site but it's not really a user site, more of a corporate site which is quite boring and needs work but hey, let me know if uSwitch247.com ... it's soooo much better off in your pocket is worthy of a golden spider nomination...

thanks and I look forward to your views (just don't be over critical) :)


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You're using the Tahoma typeface which isn't considered web-safe (it's a Windows font, not on Macs, for example). The font on a non-Windows machine will default to a serif typeface which makes your site look like this.

If you really want to use Tahoma, use this line of CSS to provide a fall-back for people like me:

font-family: Tahoma, sans-serif;
I'll let the other lads tell you why your table-based layout makes you very worthy of a Golden Spider.

Just kidding! ;) Good luck with the launch.


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The speed test on the main pages is very misleading and is reporting speeds that are way lower than what they should be.


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Looks like a sound idea, but it seems like something where you will need some angel capital to see off the competition.

Enter the Irish dragons...

I'd be interested to hear how you get on with the site, let me know if you have a blog etc.


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