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  1. F

    ranking problems with new template

    Hi, We have updated our website and we are having problems on google search results. We uploaded the new site on 3rd Jan. For instance, normally we would appear on page one for search term b&b dublin, but we don't show up any longer for this term and it's the same for other...
  2. M

    Have someone used Webiny?

    Webiny - Get a FREE website i cant find any review or positive feedbacks... I want to setup ecommerce webiste and this sounds like great solution, because i dont know how to web develop anything...
  3. H

    Premium shopping cart software

    For existing online merchants and those thinking of creating their first ecommerce software powered website alike, Boss Cart has just announced the release of a new template called ‘Futuristing’ apart from the template being extremely well design and and attractive, the icing on the cake for...
  4. A

    Webcam Site For Sale: (Odyssey Software)

    This site has been sitting in my server and i've done nothing with it. There's no traffic or revenue and i paid $1500 for the software alone. So if your looking for a cam site to develop, launch and market save yourself a few grand and take mine for a few hundred bucks. Script comes with...
  5. J - New Template release. Biz-Light

    For our first August template release we bring you BizLight. A Joomla template for many types of businesses looking for a clean professional looking template layout. check it out at Welcome to the Frontpage All our templates are xhtml, css2 validated.
  6. J - New Template release. BizSharp

    Description: Description: New template release Joomlage_0022 BizSharp. For our third July release we bring you BizSharp. Nice clean dark toned layout for professional businesses looking for a quick and easy to install joomla template solution. If you are interested in this product...
  7. J

    Joomla templates for sale - new release FantasticBox

    New template release Joomlage_0021 FantasticBox A Joomla template with a dark slick 3d layout. If you are interested in this product but would like some subtle changes made to it why not avail of our Free customisation service which is available to all our Customers for the month of June.
  8. J

    Joomla Template by for Theatre productions and much more

    New template release Joomlage_0019 Theatre. Time to put on a show! Suitable for a wide variety of projects from Theatre, Theatre schools, Musical productions, Seductive and much more.
  9. J

    Joomla Template by for Photography, Restaurant, Nature and much more

    New template release Joomlage_0018 EarthsLight Warm, Inviting and Calming just some of the many words that describes our latest release. Suitable for a wide variety of projects from Wedding Albums, Photography, Restaurants Nature and much more, you decide. EarthsLight comes with 6 background...
  10. J

    Joomlage - New Joomla Template release Connections

    New template release Joomlage_0017 Connections A Joomla template with a dark slick crisp layout for a variety of businesses who wish for a professional looking web presence. If you are interested in this product but would like some subtle changes made to it why not avail of our Free...
  11. J

    Joomla Template from Spiral Artworks

    New template release Joomlage_0016 Spiral Artworks A Joomla template for Photographers / Artists who wish to present there portfolio in an inviting and professional manner
  12. J

    Joomla Template for Business purposes

    New template release Joomlage_0015 Macroid. A Joomla template for businesses who wish to present in a professional manner.
  13. M - Earn cash on your MP3-traffic

    Hello, dear webmasters! I'm glad to introduce you mp3 affiliate program - MP3Partners.Biz. - We pay up to 45% (35% is default) of all sales and rebills made by your customers - We offer you a full pack of promo-tools (banners, JS-blocks, links, shop engines and databases) - We pay 5% of all...
  14. J

    Joomla Templates For Sale

    About Joomlage Joomlage develope website Templates for Joomla ( the worlds most popular content management system on the internet). If your looking for a CMS look no further than Joomla, as its easy to install, configure, manage and make look like your own with the use of...
  15. K

    Joomla Q

    just gett used to a cms at last - how do i change the joomla logo at top of my site
  16. P

    custom build and joomla update required

    Hi there, 2 queries 1- looking to get a quote for the construction of a custom cms or one fashioned from open source. This would allow approved users write a text story and attach a rich meda file to the article as well as text or a photo from a web interface. The author would then...
  17. nevf - Critique Wanted

    Peter Flynn Hi everybody, I'm looking for some feedback on the website listed above. I would welcome any criticisms or recommendations with regards to all aspects of the site from Design and Functionality to even the content. It's probably one of the first websites I've decided to take...
  18. M

    Graphic designers with experience in Joomla templates

    Hi, Have any graphic designers here got experience in designing for Joomla templates? I need to locate a graphic artist to work with in developing a new template for a customer.
  19. H

    Template for LBS 1.5.1

    We have a new phplinkbid directory script is out, its version 1.5.1. We also have a new template out, the template works with all LBS version 1.5.x, its simply called the brown template, you can download it from LBS Template website, you can view a demo at LBS demo site. If you do not already...
  20. n3tFl0w

    Tutorial9's SEO strategy...

    I'm a big fan of David Leggett and the team over at Tutorial9, and recently they posted the following article. A SEO Strategy You Shouldn’t Ignore: Be Helpful. | Tutorial9 - Tutorial Bliss. I really liked the article and although I've read a couple of things on this very subject recently...
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