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  1. F

    ranking problems with new template

    Hi, We have updated our website and we are having problems on google search results. We uploaded the new site on 3rd Jan. For instance, normally we would appear on page one for search term b&b dublin, but we don't show up any longer for this term and it's the same for other...
  2. M

    Have someone used Webiny?

    Webiny - Get a FREE website i cant find any review or positive feedbacks... I want to setup ecommerce webiste and this sounds like great solution, because i dont know how to web develop anything...
  3. K

    Joomla Q

    just gett used to a cms at last - how do i change the joomla logo at top of my site
  4. P

    custom build and joomla update required

    Hi there, 2 queries 1- looking to get a quote for the construction of a custom cms or one fashioned from open source. This would allow approved users write a text story and attach a rich meda file to the article as well as text or a photo from a web interface. The author would then...
  5. nevf - Critique Wanted

    Peter Flynn Hi everybody, I'm looking for some feedback on the website listed above. I would welcome any criticisms or recommendations with regards to all aspects of the site from Design and Functionality to even the content. It's probably one of the first websites I've decided to take...
  6. n3tFl0w

    Tutorial9's SEO strategy...

    I'm a big fan of David Leggett and the team over at Tutorial9, and recently they posted the following article. A SEO Strategy You Shouldn’t Ignore: Be Helpful. | Tutorial9 - Tutorial Bliss. I really liked the article and although I've read a couple of things on this very subject recently...
  7. Anouilh

    My Wordpress Blog...

    ...trundles on. This site was set us as a hobby, to give a window onto my Flickr photos. I chose the template for its low-key colour scheme. A more dramatic effect might attract more visitors, but I like things understated. Any comments would be welcome, please.
  8. C - Version 2.0

    Hey All, Its been a while since I have been on the forum, its growing nicely!!! Just launched Version 2.0 of The new site is fully Joomla Powered which is great. Recommend Joomla highly. Takes a while to customise but the CMS back end is fantastic. After a while you get...
  9. mneylon

    Wordpress on Movable Type

    MovableType Developer With A Sense of Humour - Wordpress For Movable Type!
  10. G

    I've a feeling I might regret this but check out this mobile site

    Check out this mobile site I think the site is finally up and running correctly, there's a lot more products to be added and maybe a change to realex for the payments in the future.... Check it out, online store Would love to know what the masters think...
  11. M


    Hey guys, Here's another one for you lot to look at, looking forward to your opinions. Flavours Food Store - Dublin based delicatessen thanks, Matt
  12. E

    Rock band site template

    A chairde, I just started working on a new template for a local rock band. I've only done a few hours on it so far so there's not much to show. Still i'd appreciate any feedback you may have ... they're not mad about the wine colour, I like it , it's a good contrast colour IMO. Official...
  13. mneylon - initial impressions? - Irish Hosting - Irish Hosting Directory Ireland - Website hosting - domain registration - dedicated servers - colocation I'm hoping to get the header bit replaced as soon as that talented chap who does my graphics gets round to it :) What I'd appreciate feedback on is the...
  14. E

    Site Review:

    Anybody bored and feel like giving some comments on my site? It's been online for a few years but I have done very little work on it in a very long time. The SSI Developer, I was doing a redesign in CSS, new template below, but only got negative feedback so not sure will...
  15. topgold

    New Template on

    Before the next school term begins, I've (accidently) changed the template on and discovered that I didn't have an archive for the old one. Comments on the site invited. Tips on how to archive Wordpress PHP code for site templates appreciated. The site is buried on a Yahoo...
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