web designing

  1. I

    I'm Looking to take this site to the next level

    Of course everyone wants good reviews and I am no different. I have built this site using weebly but now I must change as the site is getting to it's final stages and there is only so much you can do in weebly. I need an expert to review and hopefully help me push it to the next level. review...
  2. M

    Web design for beginners.

    Hi, I would like to get into website design as a hobby. Which is the best and easiest software to use for a beginner Dreamweaver, frontpage etc And would they be compatible with Wordpress?
  3. X

    The question in Google Adsense Earnings

    Hello, I am new to Google Adsense. and would you ask someone how much earns in a month? Thank you!
  4. Z

    Mailing Lists

    Not sure if this is the right area so please feel free to move to a more appropriate place if needed. I'm looking for advice on a free PHP based mailing list for a monthly news letter where I can easily integrate into an existing PHP based site and people can subscribe/un-subscribe and if...
  5. L

    new on web design

    new, any tips?
  6. W

    How to get quality backlinks for property developer website?

    Hi fellows I'm new to SEO world, just got this job (seo) after graduation, I'm trying to help my company to get better ranking on Google, after 2 months hard work, we got over 40 keywords listed on Google's first page. However, the backlinks are very few, only 182. I think that's why we...
  7. L

    Which is the best seo technique which will help promote my business ?

    Which is the best seo technique which will help promote my business ?
  8. S

    What is your definition of SEO?

    In your own words what is your definition of SEO?
  9. S

    Make money from hosting

    Hows it going? New to the forums, I recently started designing websites for companies and currently are putting them on my own reseller account at €80 per year. Was just wondering if this list grew to say fifty hosting accounts at €80 per year would there be hosting companies who would buy the...
  10. S

    Wanted virtual employees for webdesignig and SEO

    Hello every one ! i am new here and i wanted to share some on mine experience with u people. Actually our organization wanted to hire virtual employees for web designing and SEO. And we were looking for whole virtual team. Because now it's become very expensive for our organization to...
  11. W

    Zen cart Installation Price?

    Hi how's things.. Iv been web designing for a while now, still young in the game, but a client of mine wants to setup a online shop. Been the first store i have made i have decided reading most posts on here that Zen cart seems to be number one. So iv tried it out and all seems good, but what...
  12. R

    Webmaster Meetup - Aug 9 2008

    Moving to a new thread so that people see this. Proposing a Q3 MeetUp details of which: Date: Saturday August 9 2008 Venue: The Harbour Master Pub, IFSC, Dublin If you have an interest in coming along, or want to make an alternative proposal, please reply to the thread. If we get...
  13. W

    what are the designing techniques to make website search engine friendly?

    Hi this is all about web designing.... If i want to start a new website, what are the things to consider so that it will make a search engine friendly? hope somebody here could share ideas... many thanks...
  14. E

    A web designers arsenal

    Out of curiousity, if YOU are a web designer, what is the complete collection of programs YOU use? This is what I'd imagine: Photoshop CS3 Dreamweaver CS3 Flash CS3 Illustrator CS3 and...COUGH...Windows Paint (I find it convenient to use now and then...) What do you use?
  15. babyboy808

    How to find suppliers in China?

    Does anybody have any idea on how to find suppliers in China? thanks, K
  16. davidbehan

    What price do you charge?

    Hi, I'm just wondering what price range you charge clients for a brochure website. I'm asking this question because I came across a site (www.RIPE.ie) that offer web design services for 595 euro and 795 euro for a flash version. To me, it looks like they're a template agency... in that they use...
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