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Hi all,
Apologies if i've posted this in the wrong section but I have a dilemma at the moment and Id like some feedback?

I am a web designer with around a years experience and currently have a personal portfolio website(Sean Egan Personal Portfolio :: Home) however, as I am currently empliyed full time I have never really had the chance to try gaining freelance work but now I have decided to try start small - evenings and weekends to try and gain some clients and create some websites to build up my portfolio.

My main problem is that I am not sure should I make another website - a business website that will include prices/services etc or is it enough to have just a portfolio website? Would it make any sense to do this?

Also in order to register to pay tax do I need to register as a company first or what way does it work in ireland? If there's anyone that could point me in the right direction it'd be much appreciated?:)

Thanks a million,


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Most designers use their portfolios as their business sites, so all I'd recommend is to maybe bump up that area of it a bit ie. more detail on what you did for specific sites / projects you worked on. You could also provide a page or two on the site outlining which services you offer

As for tax - you don't need to register for anything extra unless you're making more than the threshold for VAT. You'd probably need to talk to an accountant about your obligations, but as far as I know you'd simply be declaring your extra income. You should also keep track of your expenses, as you can probably offset some of them against your earnings. Again - an accountant should be able to advise




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I would build up your current site. If it every gets to the point where you go full time and want a different domain name you can always 301. One little issue with your home page is the titles and lack of content, always a problem with interesting designs.

All the best.


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Forgive me for being smart, but if you go full time this issue you mention will be quickly downngraded from "dilemma", with many other issues reaching the status of dilemma!
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