Designing Car Auction Database

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Sinead Hanley

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Not sure if there is already a thread for this - if so perhaps someone can point me there

I have a Sales Client who runs Car Auctions and they want me to revamp their website. Does anyone know how I go about accessing car related databases e.g. Make, Models etc and also car details databases and incorporate them into the site


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You'd either have to create the data yourself and store it in a database, or look for a commercial company that will sell you the data either as an XML feed or webservice. There is bound to be a company that can provide this, but I would not expect it to be cheap.

To find a data provider I would contact leading car sites and ask them where they get their data from. You could also try car insurance companies.



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A lot of the readymade car auction scripts would contain data that you could use as a starting point, though you'd have to add some of the newer models ....
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