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Bob the slob

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Hi folks, I have a good idea for a website, have gotten some quotes but I cannot go with a designer until after the summer and I wont have the cash until then, however I want to get a few pages of it up and running.

Can anyone reccommend any software I could use to build a few pages of information, just to get the domain out there.

Have used yahoo site builder, and some other programs. I am not an IT head but I could grasp a program on a level of Adobe CS2.

any good recommendations? someone said Dreamweaver but how easy is it to use?


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Dreamweaver is the industry standard design program and is great software. To learn and get your head around, you're looking at a steep learning curve.

Maybe to start with, you could look at setting up a blog and picking a nice template for it. You could build it up from there. You get a nice looking site with a content management system and little tech knowledge needed to get up and running.

I like WordPress › Blog Tool and Weblog Platform but there are others. Or you could try Get a Free Blog Here for a ready to go solution.




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To be honest ... wordpress as David said is probably one of your best bets ... you'll be up and running in an hour with the quick installs from any of the major hosting companies ...

Templating it at a later date will take a bit of time but there are LOTS of themes out there that are relatively simple to install ...

best of luck :)


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is there any good ones that are less technical?

what about the website wizards, are they any use?
To be honest .. getting wordpress up and running is quite handy

step 1 ... create a database through your hosting panel (take note of passwords and what not)

step 2 ... install via a one click system with your hosting panel.

Total cost ... if its a .com . probably about 10 quid for the .com .. and about 40 quid for your hosting for the year ...

Anything simpler ... is well ... thats pretty simple I believe.

Or again as david said ... go play with wordpress from their site and set up a blog ...


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I am using Dream weaver. It is very easy to use and it has many advanced features. It has a split screen and it usually doesn't change code around and add useless stuff. It has a nice Find/Replace features which will take care of everything in that page, or in a group of files or a whole directory even. I also like the DreamWeaver/FireWorks integration, and the use of templates. They are a bit tough to learn, but once you do learn them, you can create some nice-looking sites in no time.


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trellian webpage is an OS version of dreamweaver
However while I do have it I havent used it much
Looks relativley easy to use and while doesnt have all features of dreamweaver it has enough to keep you busy


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Nvu 1.0 is a free, complete and very basic web design software for Windows, Mac and Linux . We have to create websites quickly by using this software based on Mozilla Composer without the knowledge of HTML. The software includes more advanced bells and whistles like JavaScript coding and CSS support.


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It's been a very long while sinde I used Dreamweaver, but I do remember getting annoyed because the coding was very messy. Has that changed?

I'm assuming the coding "standards" are constantly updated as well to be SEO friendly....or does that only come with SEO research? Hmm.


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Dreamweaver 8 is a very powerful web site designing program and most Dreamweaver 8 users have a more advanced knowledge of HTML and the Internet.Adobe Dreamweaver 8 is basically the industry standard of web design.


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I prefer to dreamweaver because it is a powerful and flexible web editor.Surely dreamweaver is the best choice and very easy to create a website.


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No it hasn't changed. No professional should ever use a WYSIWYG editor. The code produced is dreadful.


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The Dreamweaver code editor is actually pretty good. It's a scaled up version of Allaire's old Homesite which Macromedia bought and which I used to use as my primary editor back in the day. Using Dreamweaver solely as a WYSIWYG editor won't produce great results unless you know what you're doing to keep your mark-up semantic and clean but it's a very good workflow tool if nothing else and, as I said, the text editor is pretty good.


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i disagree, i find dreamweaver very messy. i don't even use it anymore! i got discouraged after about 5 mins. But i do agree that it is a good idea for someone who is not familuar with web design


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I use a number of packages when designing but I always fall back to Expression Web.
Very clean interface, can handle coding or WYSIWYG, is very good with ASPX, HTML, PHP and all the others.

I hate Dreamweaver it’s a very sloppy program and hasn't improved much over time. Its supposed to be the industry standard but that means nothing. Quark is the print industry standard and that’s a bucket of crap as well.

Throughout design forums you will hear people say you should use note pad for true design skill and never use a HTML editor….. Yeh right…..

Seriously, if you just want something up and running quickly use the likes of WordPress or Joomla. Its what they are designed to do, give you a professional looking site fast.

The fiddling with the backend can come later.
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