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  1. maz007

    Business Website

    Hi, I have made some business websites for my client, I just wanted to ask whether they are good enough for the customers and can generate positive leads? Client ask me for that orange color, although I wasn't interested in that color but company logo is orange so I didn't have any choice...
  2. K

    Better Ranking

    Hi All, So my new site has been live approx 2 months now Carleton Village Self Catering Holiday Homes Cork, Carleton Youghal. The only thing left up my sleeve is to redirect our old site to the new which will bring the weight of the links with it. But I'm still not doing very well on rankings...
  3. R

    for merchants - how to recruit affiliates

    I'm selling my information marketing business and "quitting" after 6+ years. No big drama reasons. No need to dig up conspiracy theories. I'm just changing gears. It's been fun but I'm moving onto other focuses... With that in mind, I've been sending some "closing out" emails to my in-house...
  4. skbcabey

    Announcemeent: Launch of Caribbean Classified site, also open for reviews

    Please check out our new site]Cmv Online Caribbean Classifieds Ads, Jobs, for sale, real estate, appartments, tours, shopping, rentals, services, free listing[/url] which is a new"]Caribbean Classifieds[/URL] Site
  5. B

    Give away something for free..

    most probably you already read somewhere that giving away a free ebook will get you tons of visitors - I tried this myself and to be honest it wasnt such a great success -But I still like the idea to give someting away for free - a great idea would to give something away for free which is sort...
  6. S

    Hi everyone, I am just taking my first steps in The Irish Web Master Forum so Hello everybody. We have just launched and would welcome and constructive feedback
  7. K

    New website launched, need feedback

    Hi Lads We just put up a new site , visist my homepage to see the link to Avalon or just google it. Any comments welcome. Regards Kieran
  8. Forbairt

    James Larkin released into the wild... :)

    Well I've gone and done it James Larkin - Freelance Web Designer / Web Developer / Graphics Guy / Marketing Guru Wannabe Has been released into the wild Themed up the site similar to my work site (different colours) and with actual content :D Let me know any feedback please either here or...
  9. S

    Tel me your opinion about Buy and Sell classifieds website, please Thanks
  10. W

    Was no 1 now no 2- Google

    For the term "wedding video cork",was at no 1 for 2 weeks. Back down to no 2. Both myself and my competitor have a google pagerank of 4. Any advice would be appreciated on my seo. my site
  11. I

    monatizing a .ie domain ?

    Hi guys, Looking for a bit of advice here. Back in January I registered two .ie domains for a project I was hopefully going to startup. Unfortunately it fell through & while I haven't given up on it quite yet, I want to try to make some money off the domains. Is it possible to rent them ? I...
  12. A

    Developing Auctioneers website and looking for some tips

    Hi all, I am looking to pick a few brains! I am currently developing a website for an Auctioneering client. Its your run on the mill site where a visitor can view properties etc. Currently working on the admin area where the administrator can add properties, update them etc. I have hit a...
  13. M

    MyResidents - Portal for Resident Associations

    Hi All, Check out website. Its a CMS system for resident associations all over Ireland. Resident Associations can have a free website allowing members to help update the site and residents to collaborate with each other. The main secitn of the site has a forum, business...
  14. S

    popup appearing on site

    Cannot display image as I have not enough posts. :( this pop up is appearing on a site I have bee asked to fix for the life of me I cannot find where it is coming from. Its the usual deal of no matter where you click It sends you onto the site above any suggestions on what I should be looking...
  15. Forbairt

    Latest 5 threads ...

    Is it just me or is "Latest 5 threads ... taking up a bit too much real estate ? is the first line of the message of that much use ??? "Any one else get spammed by this lot? Return-Path: X-Original-To: xxxx..." That said maybe its just me not liking it
  16. A

    Building links to Spanish property website

    Hi, I am trying to build links to a new website promoting spanish property. Does anybody know of any suitable directories which cater for this area? Thanks Al
  17. A

    [3/5] The Real Estate Script "docID" SQL Injection Vulnerability

    HaCkeR_EgY has reported a vulnerability in The Real Estate Script, which can be exploited by malicious people to conduct SQL injection attacks. Be sure to check if your system is missing security updates or have insecure applications installed: Feature...
  18. M

    Promotion for new site

    I have real estate site for agencies,where they can make info,pic and video listings! this is a new site with no traffic, which is no incentive. I will have to offer to do it for free, if I want to get them,wright!? So I have simple site,where can register their listings only agents and...
  19. P

    Classified Ads script

    Does anyone have any recommendation for a classified ads script? I would need something that can handle paypal payments, and something that runs on PHP/MySQL. Danke Schön ! p
  20. M

    Propery video spotlights

    I want to add video spotlights to my real estate agent site! I wannna make something similar like in daft d o t ie, but I need to know how to make it,is it hard,how much designer and programmist could ask me for that, and what kinde of server as minimum I need to support nice video streaming...
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