1. B

    Meta Keywords & Title - Information

    Hi, I need some clarification with regards to meta data information. Is this this correct? Meta Title - For each page I should have a DIFFERENT title eg: Mywebsite - keyword, keyword, keyword etc OR Should I used the same title through out the website? Is this correct? Meta Keywords -...
  2. T

    SEO for bing

    Seo needed for bing is different than google but is the same as yahoo which means they go allot by onpage optimization. So get keywords in your H1, 2 and 3. But don't cram the keywords in becasue that is spammy, make a readable sentance and not a long one either, not H1 anyway, H3 and 2 can be a...
  3. H

    Tradedoubler - Tracking Working / How are affiliates doing?

    Hello all, Just seeing if any affiliates would like to share their thoughts in relation to Tradedoubler and tracking of sales / leads etc. On one site of mine in particular, I've been building out various channels (it's getting about 4-5k uniques per day, mostly Irish), and promoting various...
  4. C

    Yahoo Directory is it valuable for purely SEO purposes

    Hey guys. Does being listed in the Yahoo Directory still have an impact on your SEO efforts? Do you still have to pay for it? In other words will me spending money on a yahoo directory listing help with my rankings?
  5. B

    What are you using for keyword analysis?

    Whats' the best/most accurate keyword analysis tool? I'm using the google keyword tool in my adwords account.!
  6. S

    websites pages showing in cache, but content not in google

    Cached content of a clients homepage (and other pages of the site) are not able to be found in Google's index. How do it get it back in???? Detailed marine equipment, marine fittings & sailing gear - Garhauer Marine NZ Ltd When I check the cache of the page - it is a recent cache - I select...
  7. S

    .ie hosted out side of Ireland?

    My site is currently hosted with Blacknight and sits at no1 on google Ireland for many important keywords. Page rank 4. I'm very happy. But I'm looking at moving to a saas based ecommerce cart but unfortunately Blacknight or anyone else in Ireland doesn't offer any. So if my .ie was hosted...
  8. mneylon

    MSN Adcenter To Power Yahoo Ads

    Since Bing is now powering Yahoo search in the US and Canada I guess this move was inevitable: Last week, Bing began powering the organic search results for English-language Yahoo! Search in the United States and Canada. This week, advertisers can begin moving their Yahoo! Search campaigns into...
  9. O

    How to market my new website

    Hi All, I'm just looking for some advice regarding a new website I have. It is an E commerce site selling canvas prints. When people come on site they can upload an image etc. My question to you all is if anyone knows anyway to promote the site without going into a big spend. I am not great with...
  10. J

    New Trad Music Site: Feedback and Publicity Wanted

    Hello all, I recently launched, a database of traditional (folk) tunes from Ireland, the U.K., and elsewhere. It is based on the user-generated content model, and allows registered users to add new tunes and modify existing ones. There are several well-established sites out...
  11. T

    Please review our fashion website

    We have recently redesigned our website and started an online shop selling mens suits,shirts,ties etc at Tom Murphy's | Mens suits, suit hire, suits, wedding suits | Tom Murphy Suits & Suit Hire Cork and woul love feedback
  12. R

    DMOZ Listing

    Hi, My site has recently been listed on DMOZ (about 18months after I submitted it). It was added to DMOZ about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Google still has not crawled the page with my link on it however. I put a link to the page on my twitter, and I also put a link to my dmoz listing on my homepage...
  13. K

    How to Get Google Indexed

    How can I get Google index? I have tired search engine submission, social bookmarking and forum but still didn’t get Google index.
  14. rikzricci

    How to rank in google?

    How to rank in google? This were always the big question for me, because my blog is not in the google index... So, is there someone can help me with this? this is my blog hxxp:// change the "xx" to "tt". This blog is all about the movies that I watch. Thank you in advance!
  15. trickobrien

    Best strategies to rank locally and globally

    I would like to hear any views on best approach to get a site to rank both here and globally,in terms of backlinking,meta data,content,and best location to host site
  16. L

    Which is the best seo technique which will help promote my business ?

    Which is the best seo technique which will help promote my business ?
  17. mneylon

    Adsense Earnings Down?

    Just checking a couple of Adsense accounts I manage and there appears to be a dip in earnings. Is anyone else noticing this?
  18. W

    tutorial - different methods of internet marketing

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Estimated 95% of internet traffic comes through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Msn. Market research - Get a fresh angle on industry profiles, competitor analysis, customer profiling, partnership opportunities, linking strategies... Keyword...
  19. S


    How does SEO work
  20. s3solutions

    Tools to improve your site speed

    Hey guys, As you know Page speed has been announced as one of over 200 ranking factors of Google. So today, I would like to share with you some tools to improve your pages speed. 1- In Webmaster Tools - Labs > Site Performance This will let you knowthe speed of your website as experienced by...
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