1. P

    Google Versus Yahoo

    Why o why is it ten times easier to get page 1 ranking in the likes of bing and yahoo where the same site ranking no.1 on yahoo could be on page three of google... What are the most important factors out there to help increase your ranking with google.. i have good keywords, title's meta...
  2. andywozhere

    URL Structure

    I'm having a URL conundrum. I was wondering what people thought was a better URL: /events/comedy/festivals/name-of-festival or /events/name-of-festival The former is more descriptive, but quite long. The latter is much snappier, but not as descriptive. I'm inclined to think the longer URL is...
  3. K

    Backlink Checker Tool

    Can you give some suggestions regarding sites that offer backlink checker tool??
  4. D

    Creating Simple Web Store using tumblr

    Hi, I am creating a simple web store, and have been toying with the idea of using tumblr. Before that I had chosen a nice wordpress theme, and was ready to get hosting and use that, but in these recessionary times, I thought it might be more prudent to simply use a freely hosted tumblr page...
  5. B

    No Follow's

    Hi Guys, Are there any good techniques for postings on blogs that don't have 'no follow' links? I've posted few comments lately & noticed they are no follow's. Any advise as to counter act this...
  6. B

    Looking to enter the USA

    Hi, I have customer that wants to sell products in America (not specified where yet). They sell children toys. Normally I submit Irish sites to Irish Directories, build links in Ireland, used Irish Keywords, set Google Account for Ireland, Google Places etc. I'm also thinking I'll need to...
  7. mneylon

    Bing Webmaster Tools

    Bing Webmaster Tools You currently can add up to 1000 sites to a single Bing Webmaster account You can verify using either code on your site or an uploaded file BingSiteAuth.xml At the moment there's no way to verify using a DNS record, which is a pity, as that's a much saner way to deal with...
  8. K

    google seo meta tags

    are they useful , do they help when u add meta tags to your site
  9. B

    Anchor text - Good Places

    Hi I've been thinking about anchor text & how to be creative. Let say I'm looking to get ranked for 'home improvements' To get coverage & lots of links would this work well in a monthly newsletter? *Also any other good ideas out there?
  10. mneylon

    Coupon Script / Theme?

    Has anyone got any views on which coupon script / theme is best for Wordpress? Or is there a standalone solution that works well? Have been looking at: WP Coupon - Turn Wordpress into a Coupon Site! and: Coupon Script for Wordpress - CouponPress
  11. B

    How much to charge for an Online Marketing Strategy?

    Hi, I recently been asked to evaluate a website & make online marketing recommendations. The company is a Driving Test School for Motorbikes, Scooters & Cars. From a quick overview I've come to conclude that the site is very poor in terms of content, information & sales direction. The...
  12. B

    New e-commerce EU directive coming soon.

    This is insane. Sniplet from posts ---------------------- Customers would get 14 days, instead of 7 days currently in most European countries, to return goods, with a further 14 days to send them back. Crucially, the merchant would have to give customers a full refund even before receiving...
  13. B

    SEO / Google / Myths - Title & Keyword tags

    Here's one & please correct me if im incorrect in anyway :) From my understanding a Search friendly website consists of the following Meta Data. (I know there are other factors but i just want to focus on the 2 below). 1) The Title tag > Must be unique to each page & less than 60 characters...
  14. W

    Does the Registrant Contact, Administrative Contact affect the serp of a site?

    As said. Does the Registrant Contact, Administrative Contact affect the serp of a site? I'll use some examples. My site is registered in laois. And for "wedding video laois" I'm no 1. Now for the term "wedding video offaly" I'm no 2. Even though I have a higher PR of 4...
  15. trickobrien

    Wordpress Seo

    Wordpress SEO by Yoast Always used ALL In One or Platinum before,however Its hard not to like the features OF Yoasts plugin A view of metadata as it will appear in search engines,built in XML sitemap -definitely worth a look
  16. T

    Interesting Findings this week on the Yahoo/Bing Search Marketing

    Certainly some very unhappy customers out there so it seems Google is still a stronger option. Anyone else had a bad experience with this? Yahoo Microsoft Search Alliance Good or Bad for Search Marketing? | WebProNews Be interested to know. thx
  17. A

    Where to go from here with SEO?

    Last summer I hired someone to do some SEO work on my website. At the time the site was designed completely in Flash. (When I built the site I didn't realize that Google didn't like Flash!) The company I hired didn't make any SEO changes to the actual site because I had done some work with...
  18. dbnavan

    How can I extract data from emails?

    My gmail account recieves emails from a form on my website but I would like to find a way to extract email addresses which are contained within a line of the email. eg Email address :
  19. andywozhere

    www or non www

    I recently put up a website for a charity. We've managed to get a few good links to the new site, however most people seem to link to the www address (which is redirected to the non www address). Even though the address doesn't have a www people seem to have an urge to put it in. I'm therefore...
  20. B

    How long to be fully indexed?

    In general how long does it take for search engines 'google' to fully index a new site? As in all content, meta data, etc etc. Am I right in saying a site does be sand-boxed for the first month or so?
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