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Our website has taken a nailing recently from google with the new algorithm. We used to feature loads on page one for heaps of keywords, but now hardly make page 4.

Is anyone interested in looking into our problem and helping restore us to former glory? Or site keywords aren't hugely competitive.



If it's the domain attached to your email then you should start by looking at these things :
fix the META link for the facebook image
redo your Title to be a bit more human readable (remove the pre double dashes in page titles)
is there any reason you have Google Analytics on your page ?

Other things I would look at is how your interlink around your site.
Some pages have very short text, maybe you can expand them.


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Hi Jim,

Did you get or is there any message in your Webmaster Tools regarding a penalty or issue - for example "Unnatural Links" ?

If there is, then you're going to have remove all of them - its likely to be a specific penalty rather than just an algorithmic effect in my opinion, judging what you're saying.

Secondly, in GWT, does it confirm a massive drop in both positioning, impressions and clicks?

Possibly, you may not have done anything wrong, and it may be related to an architectural or technical problem that you're not aware of or have overlooked. Again, access to your GWT should highlight anything of concern.

Without any more information i can't help you !


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As Link8r says, Webmaster tools should be your first port of call in trying to figure out what's going on.

Had you previously engaged in (or bought) link building?


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can you enlighten those of us who for one reason or other can't see your email address to find the domain? Cheers--may have some answers for you after having a look


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If you let us know URL and KWs that will be helpful. Anyway in General, most of the sites were dropped due to Penguin/Panda for the reason of "over anchor text optimisation". How about the backlinks which you have got to your site? How about anchor text that you have used? Have you used any automated system?
Have you set up your on page SEO setting properly as per Google guidelines?

Personally, I have yet to see a site dropped for exact match anchor text. Quite the opposite in fact. As an SEO professional and affiliate marketer, I look and dozens of sites a week and if nobody that I can see has been dropped for this. Google has never mentioned this once, EVER in their updates. Another piece of SEO gossip without foundation. I will be happy to show anyone a site in a very , very competitive niche that was nowhere before panda and is now at #1 with a 97% exact match anchor text.
Put it this way, if it was true, all I would have to do is fire a load of exact match anchor text backlinks at a competitor. There would an all out SEO war!


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Professional help

You should look at these things :
Need to have more content

Facebook image- fix META link
Title- Redo it, so it sounds more human
Interlink- check how it works around your site.

Hope I have been helpful
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[h=2][/h] Link8r is right about webmaster tools - should always be the first port of call. Loads of sites got hit with the latest Google update - is it just Google you've dropped in or Bing and Yahoo too?

Sites that were penalised generally had a high proportion of links from blog networks or as londonseo said overused the exact same anchor text for a large number of links. I'm sure there's loads of sites that haven't been penalised for these reasons too, I'm just talking about the ones that I've seen that have.
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