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Skydiving? I could never quite understand why anyone would want to jump out of a perfectly good areoplane! :rolleyes:

I prefer to keep my feet on the ground and try some of the old photography skills from a previous life!


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Well this is going to sound sad .. but 9 times out of 10 when i am relaxing i have a laptop in front of me and i am coding or breaking someone elses code ;)

I must say .. it is very relaxing breaking other peoples code ... (legally of course)

My wife works lates each night .. so i get plenty of time at the laptop ;)

I rehearse with a band every Sunday .. which is actually pretty stressful .. haha..

After that it is a DVD or Documentaries



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I spend sometime for prayer. This give me relaxation in my work. Also i am hearing good musics when i am bored. This also give relaxation in my mind.


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riding my bicycle
going in park, just sit on a bench and look at people

project entropia


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There are three things I do after hours in most cases : play WoW, watch some DVDs, read next book. Quite boring? Yes, but theres not much free time after work.


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I dont get much time to relax with kids etc but when they are gone to bed, i just chill out on the sofa and watch a film or read a magazine.


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I usually play online games while listening to music. Sometimes, I’m into cooking dishes. The most stupid way for me to relax is to do household chores! :D
I like the play basketball on outside courts, streetball style. I also like listening to a lot of Jimi Hendrix, I have 200+ CD's worth of live and studio material. I like watching basketball especially the pros like Lebron, Kobe and D-Wade. That's about it for me!


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For me I like to play my xbox 360(still playing GTA), play poker or play darts. some might say poker is stressful(which it is) but it's a nice mental work out while still chilling out :)


What do I do to relax? Browse IWF of course! :D

Apart from that, spend time with with friends, West Wing box set, cinema, gym, get lost on Wikipedia...


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What do I do to relax?

What do I do to relax?

drink,, then another ,, then another,, then,, you get the idea. ha ha

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