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According to several sources Register365 has been sold to Namesco

I presume that the press releases will be out later today with more details


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WOW I never thought that would have happened. I guess if it does happen they can now solely concentrate on H365 which is really good.

Interesting moves for the hosting industry, never a dull moment. :)


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WOW that will be an interesting split most people don't which they are with, R365 or H365.

Never thought I'd see that.


R365 is for shared hosting and H365 for dedicated ? Technically I am with R365, but the name servers point to H365.


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same here with an account we have, it could be messy.

You sure it's not all of H365 Michele?


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Here's the press release:

Hosting365 Announces Sale of Register365 to Namesco

28th May 2008 - Hosting365 has announced the sale of Register365, its
shared hosting and domain registration division, to Namesco, the
fourth largest domain name and hosting provider in the United Kingdom
and one the top 50 largest hosting providers in the world, for an
undisclosed sum. With 35% market share, the purchase of Register365,
Ireland's largest hosting provider, is a strategic purchase as part of
Namesco's overall expansion plan.

Namesco, established in 1996, has an enviable reputation in the United
Kingdom for providing a wide range of quality Internet Service
products backed by expert in-house customer care and support.

Kevin Savage, Namesco's Managing Director, said, "We are delighted to
acquire Ireland's largest hosting provider. Namesco's purchase of
Register365 is part of our expansion plan and further consolidates our
position as one of the leading shared hosting providers in the world.
We look forward to continuing to provide the high level of services
Register365's customers are accustomed to."

Commenting on the sale, Stephen McCarron, Managing Director,
Hosting365, said, "The sale of Register365 is a major milestone in the
history of Hosting365 as it marks the complete evolution of our
business. Two years ago we took the strategic decision to acquire our
own Data Centre facility and focus the company on Hosted Managed
Services for the enterprise market. Since that period Hosting365 has
experienced huge growth in this sector which now accounts for over two
thirds of our turnover. This was recently acknowledged when we were
named the seventh fastest growing technology company in Ireland as
part of the Deloitte Fast 50. We plan to invest all proceeds from the
sale into growing our team, expanding our infrastructure and
developing new products and services on our cloud computing platform,"

"We have taken the decision to sell Register365 in order to focus on
our managed services offering and to continue our growth in Ireland
and internationally. This was a very personal decision for me to make
as Register365 was once the core of the business I founded in 2001.
We decided to sell Register365 to Namesco as they fundamentally
matched our company values and have an excellent reputation for
customer service. For example, they were recently named as the best
shared hosting provider of 2008 at the Internet Service Providers'
Association (ISPA) Awards in the UK," McCarron added.

None of Register365's customers will be affected by the sale as
Register365's services will continue to be delivered in Ireland. The
sale of Register365 is the latest milestone in Hosting365's expansion
strategy. The company recently announced a €2 million investment in
new infrastructure and the creation of 20 jobs. Hosting365 also plans
to hire an additional 14 staff in its Dublin and Polish offices by the
end of the year.



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Interesting take over. I wonder if their going to re-brand or keep everything as is.


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Judging by namesco's hosting options, there a lot more expensive than 365 and unlimited is a word they don't seem to use:(


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ooh - an opportunity to maybe get a decent control panel for domain management... maybe it's good we haven't yet managed to get all domains outta there.

This in this evening from Namesco:

Dear Customer,

We are pleased to announce that today, Wednesday 28th May, Namesco Ireland Limited which is a subsidiary of Namesco Limited in the UK announced the acquisition of Register365. The sale was part of a strategic decision taken by Hosting365 to sell its shared hosting and domain registration division in order to focus on the Managed Hosting element of its business.

Namesco Ltd would like to take this opportunity to welcome you today and inform you of some improvements to your services.
Our aim is to assure you that your services will not be affected by the sale. We will continue to deliver your services in Ireland whilst providing improved Customer Care and Technical Support from our office here in the UK.

We have an enviable reputation in the United Kingdom for providing a wide range of quality Internet Service products backed up by expert in-house Customer Care and Technical Support. We understand the importance of our relationship with you and so as a gesture of this commitment we have today replaced the Premium Rate support numbers with local call numbers. We aim to make it easy for you to contact us, you are now able to use the new local rate number, e-mail or live chat with an advisor online.

Your new local rate number is 1890-944-500
To ensure we are able to assist you professionally our Technical Support teams have also undergone an extensive training program prior to this acquisition.

Namesco Ltd are regarded as one of the leading ISP's in the UK with 12 years experience. We are the fourth largest provider in the UK of Domain Names and Shared Web Hosting Services and among the top 50 worldwide (source: Netcraft Company Analysis, January 2007). We were recently named as the best Shared Hosting Provider of 2008 at the annual Internet Service Provider Association (ISPA) Awards.

A list of some of our awards and accolades can be found here
Should you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them. Simply email or call your new local rate support number 1890-944-500

Once again we would like to welcome you to Namesco Ltd

Followed an hour and a half later by:

Dear Customer,
As of this morning, the 28th of May 2008, Hosting365 have sold it's shared hosting and domain name division to NamesCo Ireland Limited. Full text of the press release is below. We will be contacting all our customers in due course with a strategic update on Hosting365 and our exciting plans for the future.

We have sold the Register365 division in order to allow us focus exclusively on the Managed Services sector. All Hosting365 customers remain with Hosting365 and this announcement does not impact your service in any way. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to discuss any queries - at or on 01-4673650.

I'm not sure if I got this as a customer of H365 or R365 - as I'm now a customer of both. They might be contacting all their previous customers to let them know about the exciting plans, or it might be a nice goodbye from Stephen and his team. hmmm...?



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I got the top one 3 times (I have several accounts) but didn't get the other one so it must be just to H365 customers


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Yup, top mail was to R365 and bottom mail to H365.

Funny timing, given the mess of the R365 brand split (mail servers, DNS, all sorts of stuff still pointing to H365). I guess this will force the clean break now.

So will Namesc Ire become a customer of H365, or use a different Irish data centre?

Anyhoo .. congrats to Stephen et al!


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The question is will the servers actually stay in Ireland or will they moved to whereever the new owners have their data centre?

If their is a geographical move this could have SEO implications for a lot of customers
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