1. mneylon

    webmaster tools verification errors

    Has anyone else seen any odd issues with the webmaster tools verification recently? I hadn't logged into my account in a while and when I did I found that a load of the sites had "lost" their verification status due to a supposed "timeout"

    What is a good website growth trend?

    I am just wondering as to how my site compares with the rest of irish websites. - The Home of Paintball in Ireland is just over a year old, its an online forum and community for paintballers in ireland. For the first few months it was pretty slow, a few 100 unique visitors a...
  3. Cormac

    Tracking clicks

    Howdi, Is there any way to track clicks from a html newsletter using something like google analytics? Can code such as - onclick="javascript:urchinTracker('logo');" - be added to URLS within the newsletter? I know you can't directly add JS to newsletters but can a system be hacked together to...
  4. S new design... new system... have a look.. anythought? btw i had serious serious problems trying to post on this forums this morning in firefox ,, finaly got it to work in ie7... guys seriously drop all the premissions etc! I had to re-registor and everything
  5. I

    Irish Ads Is In Beta Live Mode

    Hi, We would just like to announce our website which is live but still under going beta trials. We have many excellent free and paid features on board. Just to give you a basic run down on the site. Irish Ads - Its in the name! FUNCTIONING (1) Registration is obligatory but simple and most...
  6. lostie - Is there a demand to buy online with cash?

    Got a call today from Welcome to UseCash - Now everyone can shop online! telling me about their service, have to say its a clever enough idea, but I have my doubts about its success, these days everyone either has a credit card or knows someone with one. Basically their idea is that when you...
  7. M

    How do you track your website visitors?

    I want to know is there anything you do to track your website visitors. Do you place some programming script on your web to work on that? I'm wonderng because I have a few place where I submitted my website link, I am sure that that you submitted to a lot of place on the web. So how you...
  8. babyboy808

    How to calculate pricing for private advertisers

    About 3 months ago I got an inquiry from a company that wanted to advertise on one of my sites. I did a small bit of "research" and charged them what I thought was fair. I did so on the basis of my adsense earnings and add 20%. My question to you guys is how would you calculate a flat price...
  9. mneylon

    Analytics Oddness?

    Has anyone seen a situation where analytics doesn't log all the visitors to a site? I was checking our account and the numbers don't add up at all. I suspect that the code wasn't being invoked properly, as there were a couple of other things in the same HTML block that were being called, but...
  10. MickyWall

    Website Copied

    Hi, A site I developed for a client has been copied, in fact the only differences are the .org, the address removal and phone number changes. Anyone got any advice? thanks, Michael.
  11. Zascar

    Hit Counter for PHPBB that will not count me?

    On my website I have both Google Analytics and AWstats, however I want a better idea of the traffic on my phpbb forum only. Also, I would like to be able to filter out any hits that I may have, from both my home and work computer. Any suggestions? Thanks
  12. M

    New Google Analytics interface

    Maybe I'm just getting old but I don't like what i see when I log into Google Analytics this morning! I'm just not finding the new interface intuitive, and I don't like the long narrow default trend graph.
  13. frankp

    Wordpress rewriting htaccess file at random?

    I know there is a plugin to manage no-www on Wordpress, but just out of curiosity, does anyone know how to get Wordpress to stop deleting lines from htaccess? I added lines to htaccess file as per this thread but WP seems to delete my extra lines from time to time. Anyone else experience this...
  14. Zascar

    Can it be a disadvantage to host in Ireland?

    I have a site that is aimed at an international audience. I am hosted with an irish ISP. I read all the time about how if you want to gain irish visitors it is important to host in Ireland. However if I am more interested in US etc visitors, is there a disadvantage to hosting in ireland? Should...
  15. D

    Making the second post in vbulletin topic an advert. Problem!

    Hello, On one of my websites, - Living and working in Ireland - Immigration - Powered by vBulletin I've made the second post in my topics a google advert. You can see an example here: Immigrantion to Ireland - Page 2 - - Living and working in Ireland - Immigration...
  16. T - 'The web' vs 'Pages from Ireland'

    Is there any reason why a site would perform well for a certain keyword on for 'Pages from Ireland' searches but appear absolutely nowhere on searches on 'The web'? I thought searches were supposed to be localised (it's a .ie domain)?
  17. 4

    Need a good formmail script

    Hey guys, As the subject implies, I'm looking for a decent script (php/perl) that'll mail form data. I'm looking for something that's generally regarded as being secure/safe against abuse, and something that's adaptable and customisable without a lot of crap. I don't want to be stuck with...
  18. mneylon

    Which TLDs Do You Value?

    Which TLDs Do You Value? I don't mean to sell, but to use or sell ie. in general
  19. Cormac

    How to remove ink from a shirt?

    Any tips guys? I just had an encounter with a printer and my favourite shirt. I have approx 5 ink blotches on my left sleeve..
  20. mneylon

    New Lily O Briens Site

    I see Richardo's site for Lily O Brien's has been replaced: Original: Lily O'Briens Irish Luxury Chocolates New site: I'd say they'll drop out of Google completely except for the main page..
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